Friday, 28 April 2017

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

Gaming consoles can be a great way to interact with friends but it is important that the technology is used safely. The Nintendo Switch console has a number of features to support this. Click here for further information.
For information with regard to parental controls on a number of devices please see the guidance here.

Thursday, 16 March 2017 and concerns

A popular app where  users create a 15-second music video and choose the music from a song list. They are then shared online. The app has no minimum age for users, and most people make their videos public to get followers.
While many people use this app with no problem at all, as with all online content we have to be on our guard for those people who wish to make inappropriate contact with us. has encouraged parents to closely monitor their child's account, and to report any suspicious activity, as well as having an open dialogue about staying safe online. This follows an incident involving a pupil at a Bristol primary school where they were sent graphic sexually explicit  messages using this app

Considering screentime

In our ever connected world the challenge of maintaining a perspective on the amount of time we spend interacting online is an increasing topic for debate. This excellent article from our friends at South West Grid For Learning presents a thoughtful discussion of screentime.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Are you using your social network safely?

Remember to think very seriously about how you use your social networks. Nothing is private on the internet and you need to consider your online behaviour in the same way that you consider your behaviour in the real world. Please see the guidance here to help you manage your online reputation and if you are concerned that someone you know who may be sexting then encourage them to watch the video linked here.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Social Networking

Are you confused by your Instagrams and your Snapchat, really puzzled by Yo and confused by Periscope. Find out what makes these social networking sites tick by clicking this guidance here. Each entry has a link which will help you to ensure that you use these sites securely and responsibly. 
Parents, are you social networking securely? Ask your son or daughter for help as part of a shared conversation into 

Remember to always think before you post when social networking and regardless of your security settings. If you would not be happy for the whole world to view what you write or the images you post don’t put it online. If you would like support with your on-line identity see some of the earlier posts on this blog or raise a specific request via the RGS Whisper service

Personal Resilience

Personal Resilience

The latest PSHE newsletter (Click here) deals with the important subject of personal resilience. Our ability to adapt well when times get tough and we experience significant sources of stress— such as family and friendship problems or exam stress identifies how resilient we are. If you are resilient you will "bounce-back" from difficult experiences but if you do struggle don’t panic resilience is something we can develop, check the guidance on this website .
Parents you can help your children develop their personal resilience The Edutopia website has a range of approaches and studies that can help you to build resilience within your family. The Parent Toolkit also has some useful advice.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Common Sense Media

Are you playing games/watching movies that are appropriate to your age or as a parent would you like to check the age classification  or appropriateness of a game. An excellent USA based website is Common Sense Media (Click here) on this site you can get reviews of games, films, books and apps. The website has heaps of recommendations for positive media that you can view and interact with.